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I did a lot of research before finally deciding to do a professional course in Dublin.

After six months of intensive learning and practicing ceremony styles, I completed the course. 

Those months proved invaluable, giving me the resources to provide detailed and professional ceremonies. 

Fees and Services

Your bespoke wedding will include the following;

  • Initial consultation 

  • Ceremony advice and support 

  • Writing of the ceremony and love story 

  • Liaising with other service holders ie.. the musicians etc. 

  • The entire day of the ceremony will be dedicated to you and your family

Overall fee : €400

The Legalities

Getting legally married in Portugal can be done, if it's important to you. 

What you will need;

  • Passport

  • Birth Certificate (long version), issued within six months of the wedding

  • A Marriage Capacity Certificate, sometimes known as the Certificate of no Impediment  

  • Power of Attorney (to be issued more than six months before the date of applying for your wedding. This will then need to be signed in  front of a notary public)

  • Residency document (if applicable)

  • Fees 


Same protocol applies for same sex couples

The Ceremony Day;

If you want to go ahead with a legal Portuguese wedding, the ceremony will be conducted in Portuguese by a member of the Registry Office and the celebrant can then translate to your native language. Two witnesses will need to be present also. This is the option if you want to be legally married on the day.

Another option is to go to the Registry Office one day and do the Symbolic Ceremony seperately. 

I can offer advice and information if you wish to proceed down this route.

Celebrancy Weddings Portugal

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